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Verbindungsanordnung fuer die Gefaessanastomosie und Verfahren fuer die Gefaessanastomosie

Connector for vessel anastomosis comprises mesh metal inner sleeve covered by biocompatible biodegradable polymer outer sleeve to clamp vessel ends after laser shrinkage with retained flow section..
: Gillner, A.; Bremus, E.; Wehner, M.

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DE 2000-10015145 A: 20000329
DE 2000-10015145 A: 20000329
DE 10015145 A1: 20011011
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Die Erfindung beschreibt eine Verbindungsanordnung fuer die Gefaessanastomosie mit einer im Bereich der zu verbindenden Gefaessenden auf deren Aussenseite aufzubringenden Aussenhuelse, die dadurch gekennzeichnet ist, dass zusaetzlich zu der Aussenhuelse eine Innenhuelse vorgesehen ist, wobei die Aussenhuelse in ihrer Laenge etwa der Laenge der Innenhuelse angepasst ist, und dass die Innenhuelse und/oder die Aussenhuelse gegeneinander, dazwischenliegende Gefaessenden in radialer Richtung fixierend,


DE 10015145 A UPAB: 20011126 NOVELTY - An inner sleeve (1) supplements an outer sleeve (2) of approximately the same length and both sleeves can be tensioned to change their diameter so as to fix the vessel ends radially between them (1,2). The metal weave of the inner sleeve can be stretched or expanded in a material which returns to its original shape when heated. The outer sleeve (2) is coiled from film and slit lengthways. The outer sleeve can otherwise be reticular or made of shrinkable material and the inner sleeve has an inside structure composed of hooks and/or pins and is pigmented in the center only for heat absorption. The pigments are arranged in a pattern for partial shrinkage under heat. The outside of the inner sleeve is haemocompatibly coated and inner and/or outer sleeve surfaces have embedded medicaments. Heating is by laser beam for preference. USE - Surgical anastomosis. ADVANTAGE - The two sleeves join to give smooth flow and maintained flow section as well as ensured vessel end fixation. Haemocompatibility is sustained and boosted by embedded medicaments to counter thromboses and promote cell growth. Restricted pigmentation favors laser beam heat for film shrinkage and lasting anchorage.