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Pflanzenbewuchs auf Daechern von Gebaeuden hemmendes Element

Inhibiting plant growth on roofs of buildings, by incorporating element including material, e.g. copper, which releases biocidal ions into water..

DE 1999-19956638 A1: 19991123
DE 2000-20019729 U: 20001121
DE 20019729 U1: 20010329
Fraunhofer IBP ()

DE 20019729 U UPAB: 20010515 NOVELTY - A device for inhibiting plant growth on the roofs of buildings comprises an element (I) located on the roof in contact with the weather. (I) is formed from, contains or is coated with a material which releases biocidal ions into water. ACTIVITY - Herbicidal; algicidal. MECHANISM OF ACTION - None given. USE - (I) is useful for preventing growth of plants (e.g. algae, lichen or moss) on roofs, which can increase the risk of frost damage (due to moisture retention in the plants) as well as affecting the appearance of the roof. ADVANTAGE - Use of (I) is a simple, inexpensive alternative to mechanical removal of the plants or use of (potentially environmentally harmful) chemical herbicides. Growth of fungi and bacteria is also inhibited.