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Picture store
: Paul, D.; Drachenfels, F.; Debatin, A.

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DE 1989-3913599 A: 19890425
DE 1989-3913599 A: 19890425
DE 3913599 C1: 19900118
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Picture store for high input and output speeds having several memory blocks, (RAM BL0-BL3) and several video channels operated in time division multiplex, whereby a separate address network (BAW0-BAW3) is assigned to each memory block, each address network supplies a separate data record for each of the four video channels, and both pictures and frames are addressable at full speed both line-by-line and column-by-column, forwards or backwwards, and each video channel is linked to all memory blocks by a separate channel controller (KSTW 0-3), whereby the channel controller serializes the data words read out in parallel from the memory blocks for transmission over the video bus and vice versa, and an internal FIFO is provided for the time-dependent isolation of memory accesses and processes on the video bus.