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Zur Bewertung des Schwingfestigkeitsverhaltens von Bauteilen mit Hilfe örtlicher Beanspruchungen

Evaluation of components' fatigue behaviour on the basic of local strains/stresses
: Sonsino, C.M.

Konstruktion 45 (1993), Nr.1, S.25-33 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0373-3300
ISSN: 0720-5953
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Bauteil; Bemessung; design; fatigue behaviour; fatigue life estimation; Lebensdauerabschätzung; local stress strain approach; material volume; Nennspannungskonzept; nominal stress approach; örtliches Spannungsdehnungskonzept; Schwingfestigkeitsverhalten; structural component; Werkstoffvolumen

For an accurate estimation of the fatigue of crack initiation the knowledge of the maximum local equivalent strain or stress in the critical area of a component for a given state of material, surface, residual stress and manufacture is not sufficient. For the evaluation of the local strains or stresses, their distribution on the surface and along the expected crak propagation direction must be considered as well, along with the maximum loaded material volume determined by the strain/stress gradients. This concept requires sufficiently ductile material behaviour. On the example of a component, the application of this concept and the deficiencies of the nominal stress and conventional local strain concept are demonstrated.