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Bestimmung mechanischer Verschiebungsfelder an Siliziumobjekten

Determination of mechanical displacement fields on silicon objects
: Grosser, V.; Helmert, J.; Bombach, C.

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DE 1994-4416080 A1: 19940506
DE 1995-19516842 A: 19950508
DE 19516842 C2: 20031023
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention has the aim of proposing a process and an arrangment whereby mechanical displacement fields on diffusely scattering solid bodies of microscopic dimension can be measured with very high quality in order to be able to determine the voltage field of the measurement object (due to constant thermal or mechanical load) from the measured values obtained. This is achieved by the process, whereby the complete first optical information on the mechanically no-load measurement object (1) is recorded on a hologram plate (6); the measurement object (1) is loaded (F) by a loading device (2) and the complete second optical information is recorded on the same hologram plate (6); the hologram plate stabilized in the image - e.g. after developing the same - is radiated simultaneously by two reference beams (I, II) in the area of the recording in order to record the interference stripe pattern forming by interference on the 3-D projection of the measurement object (1) by means of an image pr ocessing system (10).