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Structural part with casing of softly bendable material, of type used in air mattress, involves casing filled with sound-absorption material.
: Fuchs, H.V.; Eckoldt, D.; Rambausek, N.; Schneider, W.

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DE 1998-19839975 A: 19980902
DE 1998-19839975 A: 19980902
DE 19839975 A1: 20000309
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Bauteil mit einer Huelle aus biegeweichem Material, nach Art einer Luftmatratze, die mit Schallabsorptionsmaterial gefuellt ist.


DE 19839975 A UPAB: 20000524 NOVELTY - The sound-absorption material consists of mineral wool, plastic, rubber or textile clippings, open-pored or closed-pored foam material, with or without metal inlays. In part it can consist of production waste or recycling material. The casing consists of acoustically penetrable, softly bendable material, e.g. rubber, plastic or uncoated or untreated textile material. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The casing is reinforced so the structural part is usable as a positioning wall. The casing is needled or micro-perforated. The sound absorption material is at least partly adhered with a binding medium. USE - As a structural part for an air mattress. ADVANTAGE - The support capacity and sound properties of the structural part are improved.