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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Abloesen und Abtragen von Fuellmaterial aus einem Kanal

Extraction of material from channel, especially of spinal cord from slaughtered animal, avoiding spread of BSE.
: Grefen, K.; Lay, N.

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DE 1998-19824966 A: 19980604
DE 1998-19824966 A: 19980604
DE 19824966 C2: 20010125
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Ein System zum Entfernen von Fuellmaterial aus einem an mindestens einem Ende offenen rohraehnlichen Kanal, insbesondere zum Entfernen von Rueckenmark aus dem Rueckenmarkkanal von Schlachttieren, setzt eine druckbeaufschlagte Fluessigkeit und ein druckbeaufschlagtes Gas am Wirkorgan des Systems im Kanal, sowie Unterdruck am Kanalende ein. Das Fuellmaterial wird abgeloest, zerkleinert, im Gas/Fluessigkeitsstrom abtransportiert und in einem Behaelter abgeschieden.


DE 19824966 A UPAB: 20000215 NOVELTY - An instrument (1) advanced into the opening is connected (2) to a high pressure source of fluid flow, forming a jet in the channel (6) before introduction. The filling (17) of the channel is excavated and carried back (7) with the flow, towards the opening. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for the corresponding instrument. Preferred features: A gas is also introduced through the connection (2, 5), into the region (6) ahead of the instrument. The fluid jets rotate about the axis. Suction is applied to the channel opening, to extract the filling excavated, towards the rear (7) of the instrument. Salient features of the equipment include a rearward nozzle (4) (causing suction and fostering extraction). Lines for gas and liquid (2, 5) are separate. The nozzles are aimed to induce swirl. Adapters make pressure-tight connection with the channel opening. A separator divides the filling material for storage, from the fluid. USE - To remove the spinal cord from slaughtered animals (claimed use). To clear out any variably sized channel with longitudinal curvature by gas and liquid-jetting, recovering solids and process fluid. ADVANTAGE - The method provides for clean extraction in a channel which is varied in diameter and non-linear. It is a sealed, non-contacting method, containing and separating the material extracted from the process liquid. The jet both loosens and breaks-up the spinal cord materials, also conveying them out. The rearward nozzles contribute to all these functions. Swirl reinforces removal.