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Acceleration limit value sensor with carrier system and connecting unit - connecting seismic mass at carrier and connecting unit has desired rupture place which breaks connection between seismic mass and carrier if limit is exceeded
: Geiger, W.; Kueck, H.; Erlebach, A.; Fischer, W.

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WO 1996EP03821 A: 19960830
EP 906578 B1: 19991201
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The acceleration limit value sensor has a carrier system (14), a seismic mass (10) and a connecting unit (12), with which the seismic mass is fitted at the carrier system (14). The connecting unit has a desired rupturing point, which breaks the connection between the seismic mass and the carrier system. If the seismic mass is acted on with an acceleration, which exceeds a predetermined acceleration. The seismic mass and the connecting unit are formed in one piece from a silicon layer, using a micromechanic process, in such a manner, the desired rupturing point of the connecting unit (12) is formed in the silicon layer. The desired rupturing point is formed by an additional reduction of the silicon layer thickness. ADVANTAGE - Simple structure, cost effectively produced and is continuously ready for measurement. Sensor is subjected to acceleration exceeding predetermined acceleration, without need to store auxiliary energy.