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Coating powder used e.g. in thermal spraying - consisting of cubic hard material phases containing titanium and carbon.
: Nebelung, M.; Vuoristo, P.; Maentylae, T.; Berger, L.-M.

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DE 1996-19640788 A: 19961002
DE 1996-19640788 A: 19961002
EP 1997-912020 AW: 19970925
WO 1997-DE2207 A: 19970925
DE 19640788 C1: 19971120
EP 948659 B1: 20011205
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Coating powder having a microstructure similar to hard metal consists of two cubic hard material phases, which each represent a core-shell structure of a hard material particle. The hard material phase contains predominantly Ti and C in the core, the Ti, a second metal and C in the shell. The hard material phase are embedded in a binder phase made of Ni, Co and/or Fe. The novelty is that a further alloying element is present either in the hard phases or in the binder phase or in both at the same time. Production of the coating powder is also claimed. USE - Used e.g. in thermal spraying, plasma spraying and high speed flame spraying. ADVANTAGE - The powder has good wear resistance at high corrosive temperatures.