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Belastungsanalyse manuell geschalteter Fahrzeuggetriebe - Voraussetzung zur beanspruchungsgerechten Dimensionierung

Load analysis of manual transmissions
: Best, R.; Klätschke, H.

VDI-Gesellschaft Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Vertrieb -EKV-:
International Conference on Gears 1996
Düsseldorf: VDI-Verlag, 1996 (VDI-Berichte 1230)
ISBN: 3-18-091230-8
S.257-272 : Ill., Lit.
International Conference on Gears <1996, Dresden>
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Beanspruchung; Fahrzeugbau; fatigue life estimation; gear; Getriebe; Lastkollektiv; Lebensdauerabschätzung; load spectrum; loading; measurement; Messung; rechnerische Lebensdauerabschätzung; test; theoretical fatigue life estimation; vehicle construction; Versuch

Stresses and strains of transmission components are determined by loads resulting from customer driving, usage profile and vehicle parameters. Detailed knowledge of these loads, which depend on a large number of parameters, is necessary to achieve a reliable design. Potential for adaptation of existing empirical based development and release test procedures to current customer expectations regarding reliability and mileage is examined based on service measurements. The revision of test procedures for transmissions and components with special consideration of test time reduction is objective of the investigation.