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The use of co-ordinate measuring devices for the measurement of revolving surfaces.

Der Einsatz von Koordinatenmeßmaschinen beim Messen von Rotationsflächen
: Kirchner, T.; Pauly, S.
: United Nations -UN-, Economic Commission for Europe -ECE-

Genf, 1984, 14 S. : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
Seminar on Present Use and Prospects for Precision Measuring Instruments in Engineering Industries <1982, Dresden>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CNC measuring center; CNC-Meßzentrum; Koordinationsmeßmaschine; revolving surface; Rotationsfläche

Coordinate measuring devices are increasingly used for handling tasks which have so far been the domain of special measuring equipment. They permit a wide variety of tasks in linear measurement to be solved with reasonable accuracy, with the control of the measurement process and the problem-adapted processing of the measured data and the plotting being of significance. Particularly for measuring form and positional variations in rotationally symmetrical parts on a CNC measuring center, evaluation methods must be developed and employed which largely eliminate systematic errors and which supply results that conform to the specifications of the applicable standard. Emphasis is placed on the conditions in determining the departure from roundness. Cylindrical form variations can be determined with good approximation by measuring a sufficient number of radial sections and generating lines. (IPA)