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Towards a telepublishing reference model

: Sandkuhl, K.; Kindt, A.

Berlin: ISST, 1996
ISST-Berichte, 35
Fraunhofer ISST ()
digital publishing; digitales Publizieren; Druckvorstufe; electronic publishing; elektronisches Publizieren; prepress; telepublishing; telepublishing reference model; telepublishing Referenzmodell

In recent years, the printing and publishing industry has seen the development of a range of business fields which are all covered by the term telepublishing. What they have in common is the intensive use of telecommunications and computer technology for the production and distribution of publications, as well as a strong orientation towards electronic information services. This paper introduces the first version of a Telepublishing Reference Model, a framework for examining the entire field of telepublishing in a holistic manner that can be used as a basis for strategic planning and for the development of migration concepts. The TRM consists of 2 sub-models, the architecture model and the phase model identifying basic procedural patterns (production phases) and standard technolology (resource classification). The usage of the Telepublishing Reference Model is illustrated by considering the fields of Digital Libraries and Cross Media Publishing as examples.