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Telepublishing. Die Druckvorstufe auf dem Weg ins Kommunikationszeitalter

: Sandkuhl, K.; Kindt, A.

Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer, 1996, 425 S.
ISBN: 3-540-58739-X
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Druckvorstufe; electronic publishing; elektronisches Publizieren; multimedia documents; multimediale Dokumente; Online-Dienste; online services; prepress; telecommunication; Telekommunikation; telepublishing

Telepublishing - the printing and publishing industry on it's way into the communication age. This book introduces future-oriented trends and standards in the following fields: communication technology data formats for multimedia documents, methods for data storage and archiving, state-of-the-art electronic publishing. In addition to these technical aspects, the organizational integration of innovative technologies into business processes, strategies for their introduction and operation and cost/benefit aspects are considered. The prospects for the prepress sector are illustrated by defining concrete production scenarios and by describing pilot developments. The book aims to give information on all future-oriented developments for the printing and publishing industry and to provide decision support for future activities.