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Beam guiding and shaping for surface processing with laser-radiation

Strahlführung und -formung bei der Oberflächenbehandlung mit Laserstrahlung
: Gasser, A.; Kreutz, E.W.; Wissenbach, K.

Waidelich, W.:
Laser '89. Laser/Optoelektronik in der Technik
Berlin/West: Springer, 1990
ISBN: 3-540-51433-3
Internationaler Kongreß Laser <9, 1989, München>
Fraunhofer ILT ()
beam guiding; Formung; laser radiation; Laserstrahlung; Materialbearbeitung; materials processing; multi-workcell environment; Multi-Zellen-Umgebung; Oberflächenbearbeitung; shaping; Strahlführung; surface processing; Verarbeitung

Laser radiation has found a wide range of applications as a machining tool for various kinds of materials processing. The machining geometry, the workpiece geometry, the material properties and the economic productivity claim for such systems with special design for beam handling and delivery in order to fully utilize the laser radiation for processing with optimum efficiency, maximum processing speed and high processing quality. In the typical batch-processing environment parts are processed with laser radiation in a fraction of the total time which is needed for cycling the parts through the workcell. Thus, the laser radiation source may run idle much of the time while part handling, machine tool reprogramming, and part-program verification take place. Idle-time can be largely reduced by effectively sharing the laser radiation among several workcells. The versatile nature of the laser radiation of performing a broad range of thermal processes on a diversity of products is also best e xploited when the laser radiation source is placed in a multi-workcell environment with a comprehensive approach to pointing, transporting, switching, shaping and focussing of the laser radiation. This time-sharing of the source is prerequisite to achieving maximum utilization with therby realizing the outstanding productivity afforted gains.