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Surface treatment techniques by laser beam machining

Keynote Paper.
: Heuvelman, C.J.; König, W.; Tönshoff, H.K.; Meijer, J.; Kirner, P.K.; Rund, M.; Schneider, M.F.; Sprang, I. van

College International pour Recherche Scientifique des Techniques de Production Mechanique (General Assembly) <42, 1992, Aix-en-Provence>
Fraunhofer IPT ()
alloying; annealing; cladding; dispersing; hardening; laser; laserbeschichten; laserdispergieren; laserhärten; laserlegieren; laserumschmelzen; remelting

Laser surface treatment involves arange of thermal and thermo-chemical processes which are applied on awide range of products. An overview of processes and applications in the machine industry is given. Laser transformation hardening and remelting of cast iron are already established techniques. Improvements may be expected by on-line process control. Application of cladding and alloying will open the way for numerous new products but requires still further development. Results of CIRP co-operative work directed to the transferability of laboratory research to industry are included.