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Bauteilsystem insbesondere Raumtrennsystem mit hoher Schalldaemmerung

Building system to partition-off rooms with improved sound insulation.
: Brandstetter, K.-D.; Scholl, W.

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DE 1997-19738731 A: 19970904
DE 1997-19738731 A: 19970904
DE 19738731 C2: 20021128
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NOVELTY - The panels (1) have hard outer shells (2,3) adhered continuously to, and sandwiching a soft damping layer (4). Edges of the panels have a tongued-and-grooved profile (1a). Internally, the damping layer or outer shells have profiling offsetting resilient stiffness of the damping layer. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Preferred features:- The profiles (2a,3a) are swath, trapezoidal, comb or wave formations. One shell is shortened at the top, to assist joint formation (5) with the ceiling. All edges of the outer shells have a permanently elastic coating (7). The outer shells are hard, e.g. metal, wood, plastics, plasterboard, or sandwich structures of such materials. The sections are joined using cross- or T-brackets (8) at the same height as the panels. On the connecting edges these have tongue-and-groove profiles congruent with those of the panels. The panels may be constructed as ground- or intermediate flooring, on which only one outer shell and damping layer is provided. USE - A mod ular wall and floor construction system for use within buildings. ADVANTAGE - The prepared edges and joining features assure rapid, simple and reliable construction. Instead of individual fitting of numbers of different types of components, the panels can be cut to size for fitting in one operation.