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Bauteil oder Teil von Gebäuden aus zementgebundenem Material mit einer Sperrschicht zur Verhinderung der Gasdiffusion und Verfahren zur Aufbringung der Sperrschicht

Barrier layer for preventing gas diffusion in concrete etc. - comprises a surface layer consisting mainly of polyamide, applied e.g. by spreading, spraying, roller-coating or dip- coating with polyamide suspension.
: Kuenzel, H.; Holm, A.

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DE 1997-19717576 A: 19970425
DE 1997-19717576 A: 19970425
DE 19717576 C2: 19990422
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A barrier layer for preventing diffusion of gas in building components, especially cement-bonded parts of buildings and components, comprising a surface layer consisting mainly of polyamide. Also claimed is a process for applying such barrier layers to building components, by spread-coating, spray-coating, press-coating, roller-coating or dip-coating with a suspension containing a polyamide. USE - Prevents diffusion of gas into building parts, especially the diffusion of carbon dioxide which can lead to corrosion of steel reinforcements by carbonates, and the diffusion of dangerous gases such as radon. Suitable for floors, outer walls of cellars and other concrete areas etc. ADVANTAGE - Shows a high barrier action against carbon dioxide, oxygen, radon etc. combined with a high permeability to water vapour, very low toxicity, very good abrasion resistance and good resistance to aromatic and aliphatic organic liquids.