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State-of-the-art report on computer graphics and artificial intelligence

: Encarnacao, J.L.; Giger, C.
: TH Darmstadt, Fachbereich Informatik

Darmstadt, 1989, 22 S.
TH Darmstadt. Forschungs- und Arbeitsberichte des Fachgebietes Graphisch-Interaktive Systeme, GRIS 89,2
Reportnr.: GRIS 89-2
Fraunhofer IGD ()
artificial intelligence; computer graphic

Modern computer systems have to handle complex problems which require the help of a user who is probably an expert in the application domain but not in computer science. It therefore became a stingent necessity that people without special education in computer science can use computers to solve their problems. Internal representaions and computing mechanisms should be hidden from the user. Instead, he or she should be able to communicate with the machine according to the language and symbols customarily used in the application domain. Workers in both the fields of computer graphics (CG) and artificial intelligence (AI) certainly try to achieve this goal, but with different methods and background. The intention of this paper is to give a survey on the current research activities in the integration of CG and AI.