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SPM investigation of metal/carbon-multilayer surfaces prepared by pulsed laser deposition -PLD-.

Poster SF 42.44.
SPM Untersuchung der Oberfläche von Metall/Kohlenstoff-Multischichten, die mittels Laserimpuls-Gasphasenabscheidung -PLD- hergestellt wurden
: Dietsch, R.; Eichler, H.; Mai, H.; Pompe, W.

European Physical Society (General Conference) <13, 1993, Regensburg>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
dünne Schicht; laser ablation; Ni/C multilayer structure; Ni/C-Multischicht; Röntgenspiegel; scanning probe microscopy; SPM; thin films; X-ray mirror

Topographic features on surfaces of metal/carbon-multilayers have been studied by scanning probe microscopy (SPM) under ambient conditions. Surface properties of such alternating multilayers are of particular interest for soft X-ray optical purposes. They are generated by laser pulse vapour deposition under UHV-conditions with thicknesses each in the nm-range. The atomic force microscopy is capable of providing additional information concerning the surface roughness with respect to optical and electron microscopy. The topographic images show a mainly flat suface with noise lower than 2 nm over a 100 x 100 qmym area with randomly distributed peaks. A comparision with results of other surface investigation methods is carried out.