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Sensor-guided, hybrid controlled parts mating with robots

: Sorowka, D.; Duelen, G.; Münch, H.

Israel Conference on Mechanical Engineering <24, 1992, Haifa>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
advanced robot system; force control; fortgeschrittene Robotersteuerung; Fügen; Kraftregelung; parts mating

Parts mating and especially peg-in-hole operations are essential tasks which have to be solved for robot-based automation of assembly processes. Related to task specification, small or missing chamfers and great tolerances within the spatial relation between peg and hole require the introduction of sensor-based intelligent parts mating strategies. The paper to be presented deals with the theoretical description and practical verification of an advanced parts mating procedure. To demonstrate the attainable performance of robot- based parts mating, a complex mating task was chosen. It is basically defined by mating parts having no chamfers, small tolerances between the mating parts and big deviations of the nominal configuration between the mating parts at the beginning of the assembly process. The peg-in-hole problem was chosen because it is of high importance in the field of industrial assembly automation. The developed solution strategy is characterized by a sequential procedure inclu ding the three phases of the mating process given by Contact, Correction, and Insertion. In the scope of a practical verification based on an advanced robot control system, an industrial robot with six degrees of freedom and a six-component force/torque sensor mounted at the robot's wrist, the applicability and performance of the new control procedure was proven.