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Belt grinding machine
: Hoepf, M.

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DE 1988-3823835 A: 19880714
DE 1988-3823835 A: 19880714
DE 3823835 C2: 19911219
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A belt grinding machine is designed in particular for use in handling systems and has a continuous loop grinding belt like that of a belt grinding machine, said grinding belt being guided over two rollers spaced in relation to each other. The drive unit is integrated in one of these rollers, whereas the second roller can be provided with a side fixture to receive an additional machining tool. The two rollers are mounted in longitudinally movable bearings by means of an actuator acting on both sides. Said actuator is formed by clamping cylinders acting on both sides to which the rollers are attached via linear guides and fork elements. Flexible support elements secure the machining force independent of the movement and position of the handling system.