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Research and technology management in enterprises. Issues for community policy. Conceptual framework and technical guidelines

MONITOR - SAST activity. Strategic analysis in science and technology. SAST Project Nr.8
: Dankbaar, B.; Kuhlmann, S.; Tsipouri, L.
: European Commission

Brussels, 1994, 139 S.
EUR, 15426/EN
Fraunhofer ISI ()
European Community; european community project; industrial research; regional development; research policy; technology management; technology policy

The aim of SAST Project No. 8 is to contribute to the reassessment by means of an empirical appraisal of the capacity of European entreprises to manage technological change. The core of the project consists of an empirical investigation of technology management in a variety of sectors and locations. The project was carried out in three phases, the first of which consisted of the production of this report. Phase 2 consisted of a set of sectoral and regional studies, following the conceptual framework and technical guidelines presented here. The final phase of the project was the production of a synthesis of these sectoral and regional studies in a self-standing report. The project distinguishes three competencies that together make up the capacity for technology management of an enterprise. (1) Technological competence: the ability to master the particular technologies which are relevant to the needs of the enterprise. (2) Entrepreneurial competence: the ability to generate and implemen t strategies for research and development coherently linked to the entreprise strategy, taking account of long-term trends in the evolution of technology, markets and competition. (3) Learning ability: the ability to adapt organisationally and culturally in order to accommodate technological change.