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Research and technology management in enterprises. Issues for community policy. Case study on the Mechanical Engineering Sector

MONITOR - SAST activity. Strategic analysis in science and technology. SAST project Nr.8
: Reger, G.; Kungl, H.
: European Commission

Brussels, 1994, 93 S.
Fraunhofer ISI ()
competitiveness; Europäische Union; European Union; innovation; innovation behaviour; innovationsverhalten; Maschinenbau; mechanical engineering; Technologiemanagement; Technologiepolitik; technology management; technology policy

This empirical study investigates the various challenges for mechanical engineering firms in Europe and how enterprises response to them with their research and technology management. Economic and technological challenges are overlapped by the course of the life-cycle of classical, mechanical engineering products: generally speaking, mechanical engineering is in the "transitional phase" and at the beginning of full maturity. Consequently, technology management in mechanical engineering has to take into account more and more the reduction of development, engineering and production costs (e.g. with the help of modular-based technology), has to get access to new technological areas, and to extend co-operations and networking in the area of R&D activities. Although many European companies of this sector are acting successfully in their market, problems mainly exist in entrepreneurial competences and in the improvement of learning ability.