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Proposal for the Revision of the Eco-management and Audit-scheme (EMAS 2)

: Nagel, C.; Marx, J.-F.; Nissen, U.; Orthmann, F.

Paderborn: Doktoranden-Netzwerk Öko-Audit, 1998, 17 S.
Schriftenreihe des Doktoranden-Netzwerk Öko-Audit, 3
ISSN: 1435-9979
ISBN: 3-9806320-2-4
Fraunhofer IML ()
Benchmarking; EG-Öko-Audit-Verordnung; EMAS; Umwelt-Audit-Verordnung; Umweltcontrolling; Umweltkennzahl; Umweltmanagement; Umweltmanagementsystem

The paper is a command on the EMAS to draft, based on the Brussels version (27.01.1998) The first section contains general commands on specific points to further discussed within the EMAS revision process as the status quo does not provide satisfying solutions from the authors' point of view. The second section directly adds text 2 / deletes text from the EMAS-2 draft. This proposal was prepared by 4 members of the "Doktorandennetzwerk Öko-Audit", a network of doctoral students working on the eco-audit and related subjects.