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Projektierung von Reengineering-Aufgaben mit Hilfe der Portfolio-Analyse

: Heicking, W.; Gastner, R.

Berlin, 1995
ISST-Berichte, 25
Fraunhofer ISST ()
migration; Portfolio-Analyse; reengineering

Portfolio analyses are carried out so that strategical measures for particular objects (securities, fields of business, technologies, etc.) can be proposed to management. In the case of reengineering these objects are software (sub)systems which are to undergo modernization. Portfolio analyses have their origins in the management of securities and were later also used for strategical decision-making concerning the reengineering of computer systems. Typically, a two-dimensional four-field matrix is used for graphical representation of the analysis results, which has a series of disadvantages. For this reason we have developed the iterative portfolio procedure IPA which is fundamentally different from the conventional procedure in that representation is done using tables whose axes are marked with (sub)systems and reengineering measures rather than with assessment criteria. IPA is based on our general phase model for portfolio analyses which distinguishes between the three phases gatheri ng, consolidation and evaluation of information. With IPA, application systems are assessed on the basis of their distance from a postulated ideal state concerning the support of business processes, their cost-benefit ratio and the hardware and software technology they use by means of a large number og weighted criteria. The assessment values are entered in the tables, prioritized and made into graphics, for which a variety of company-specific strategies can be applied.