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Optimierung der Öl-Minimalmengenschmierung zum Einsatz bei höheren Drehzahlen. Abschlußbericht DFG Sp84/103-1

: Spur, G.; Göke, U.

Fraunhofer IPK ()
experimental design; kinematics; Kinematik; lubrication; Minimalschmierung; motion of oil; Ölbewegung; rolling bearing; Versuchsplanung; Wälzlager

The oil/air lubrication is one procedure of the minimum quantity lubrication methods to provide roller bearings. Within the research project there have been carried through theoretical and experimental studies. On the one hand there have been steps to improve the knowledge about the favourable settings of different parameters that influence the running conditions of a test stand. Furthermore using a high-speed camera pictures were taken from a single roller bearing ball to observe the motion of oil on the surface. On the other hand analytical approaches in modelling the kinematics of a ball bearing and an angular contact ball bearing have been accomplished. These knowledge is to be regarded as the basis for calculating the motion of oil on a ball's surface.