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New X7 ceramic dielectric for multilayer capacitors

Vortrag auf IUMRS-ICAM '93.
: Schönecker, A.; Gesemann, H.J.

International Conference on Advanced Materials <3, 1993, Tokyo>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
dielectric; multilayer capacitor; X7

Ceramic capacitors are one of the basic components in electronics. Developed originally for military purposes, they have now found use in all areas of electronics, including home appliances and industrial and communication devices. The market share of the MLC condenser type is still growing. It fits the demands of massproduction and contributes well to device miniaturization. Research is still done to make the MLC still compacter, higher in capacity, less expensive and more reliable by improving the dielectric and electrode materials. The presentation briefly reviews the situation concerning X7 ceramic dielectrics.