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New advances in audio transmission over 1-B ISDN lines

: Dietz, M.; Ehret, A.; Kunz, O.
: Audio Engineering Society -AES-

New York, NY: AES, 1998
Preprint - Audio Engineering Society, 4751
Audio Engineering Society (Convention) <104, 1998, Amsterdam>
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
AAC; advanced audio coding; data compression; data reduction; Datenkomprimierung; Datenreduktion; digital audio coding; ISDN; low bitrate audio coding; MPEG; MPEG-2; psychoacoustic; Psychoakustik; Toncodierung

The improved compression efficiency of MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), the most recent MPEG standard for digital audio coding, now allows the transmission of high quality audio stereo-signals over a single ISDN B-channel. The paper describes the advanced features of MPEG-2 AAC and gives an overview about he practical aspects of the main coding parameters, especially for the case of the single ISDN B-channel application and the resulting audio quality.