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Multimedia Data Handling in a Mobile Environment

MOMID. Deliverable 1
: Strack, R.; Neumann, L.; Zhang, J.

Darmstadt, 1995
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Mobile applications; Mobile Data Terminals; Mobile framework; Mobile Multimedia Middleware; Wireless Networks

The goal of this deliverable is to analyze, identify and specify the requirements of MOWARE. For this reason mobile environments and mobile applications are evaluated to get an understanding of the state of the art of mobile computing technologies and infrastructure; shortcoming of mobile environments; technical issues involved in the establishment and deployment of mobile applications; user and system requirements in regard to multimedia data handling. A general framework for mobile application scenarios, called MoFrame, is defined to establish a suitable set of system and user requirements on a mobile multimedia middleware (MoWare). This framework illuminates which components are involved within a mobile environment and how a mobile application (as a component of it) interacts with other components. Requirements of mobile applications on the MoWare are derived from the relationship between mobile applications and other components. Hereby, especially user requirements on mobile applic ations are evaluated.