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Automatic scanning and interpretation of engineering drawings

Automatische Erfassung und Interpretation technischer Zeichnungen
: Großmann, G.; Jansen, H.; Krause, F.-L.

CIRP Annals. Manufacturing Technology 38 (1989), Nr.1
ISSN: 0007-8506
International Institution for Production Engineering Research (General Assembly) <39, 1989, Trondheim>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
automatic digitizing; Automatische Digitalisierung; Bildverarbeitung; drawing; drawing conversion; image processing; interpretation; knowledge processing; Mustererkennung; pattern recognition; scanning; segmentation; Segmentierung; thinning; vectorization; Vektorisierung; Verdünnung; Wissensverarbeitung; Zeichnungsinterpretation; Zeichnungsumwandlung

Successful future product development will be closely connected to an effective way of using CAD-facilities integrated in a CIM-environment. The integration aspect cannot be seen without concentrating on information processing and information acquisition problems. Todays CAD-systems do not provide possibilities for automatic capture of engineering drawing information. The increasing amount of existing engineering drawings - which in large part contain companies' know how - cannot be modified or accessed by CAD-systems, but may not be neglected in design processes using CAD-systems: Therefore, a real demand for convenient conversion methodes for engineering drawings can be stated. In this paper actual and new possibilities for the automated conversion of engineering drawings into CAD-models are discussed. After a global description of the conversion process, problems as well as existing and future solutions of processing substeps are explained in detail. The structure in principal and c omponents of conversion systems are described. The paper closes with an outlook on future trends and improvements using special hardware, parallel processing features and knowledge based methodes.