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Automated manufacturing in platform-based orbital systems -APROPOS-

: Degenhart, E.; Exner, A.H.; Geißinger, J.

American Society of Civil Engineers -ASCE-, New York/N.Y.:
Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space II. Volume 2. Proceedings of Space 90
New York/N.Y., 1990
ISBN: 0-87262-752-7
Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space <2, 1990, Albuquerque/N.Mex.>
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automated assembly; automated manufacturing; automatische Fertigung; automatische Montage; Erzeugnis; Materialfluss; Orbital system; Produkt; Space engineering

As an example of an orbital manufacturing scenario, an automated orbital manufacturing system is designed for the production of turbine blades for high pressure turbines. The target here is to verify the technical feasibility of the application of automation and robotics (A and R) based on a highly standardized design suitable for automation as well as to develop a method for the design of orbital manufacturing systems. By means of relevant constructional measures and standardization steps, an automation and maintenance-oriented design of the mission scenario can be achieved. Efforts are made to reach the highest possible degree of automation with minimum complexity of the orbital system. At the same time, the system is to possess high task flexibility. Based on the elaborated results fundamental rules and principles for the design of automation manufacturing facilities in space are developed.