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Automated assembly systems

: Schraft, R.D.

Ahmad, M.M.; Sullvan, W.G.; Sullivan, W.G.:
Factory Automation and Information Management '91. Proceedings
Boca Raton/Fl.; Boca Raton/Fla.: CRC Press, 1991
ISBN: 0-8493-4210-4
Factory Automation and Information Management <1991, Limerick>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
assembly; automatische Montage; Flexible automation; flexibles Fertigungssystem; industrial robot; Industrieroboter; Montage

Flexible automation in assembly is only just beginning. Today, flexible automation solutions in the field of assembly are only possible using robots. The introduction of the Scara robot has brought about a change, but it also requires products to be designed to meet assembly requirements. There are already numerous examples of successful robot installations, and it is expected that these will increase dramatically over the next few years throughout the world. An important prerequisite for this anticipated increase are flexible peripheral solutions, the availability of sensors relevant to assembly and a user surface for this equipment which is easy to operate.