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Automated assembly of microoptical subassemblies

: Eberhardt, R.; Juhasz, J.; Bauer, J.

AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V., Wunstorf:
OPTO '98. 3. Internationaler Kongreß und Fachausstellung für Optische Sensorik, Meßtechnik und Elektronik. Kongreßband
Wunstorf: ACS Organisations GmbH, 1998
Internationaler Kongreß und Fachausstellung für Optische Sensorik, Meßtechnik und Elektronik (OPTO) <3, 1998, Erfurt>
Fraunhofer IOF ()
alignment; dispensing; microassembly; microcomponent; microoptics; positioning

Microoptical and integrated optical systems are increasingly integrated into devices produced in higher batch sizes. On the one hand, conventional optical components are replaced by miniaturized systems. These have a higher reliability at increasing function scope. Additionally, high integrated or monolithic elements combining functions of several classical components lower the manufacturing costs. On the other hand, new fields of application are opened by the use of active and passive elements of microoptics and integrated optics. Simultaneously, the complexity of this systems increases and with that the demands for accuracy and quality. Currently, the majority of micro optical systems is still assembled manually. The high demands on the microsystems can often only be met with considerable expenditure of work, time and costs. In order to be able to produce the in future foreseeable high numbers of pieces improved procedures for handling, alignment and assembly of miniaturized componen ts have to be developed. To take this fact into account and to reduce the high load of the human being in the manufacturing process an automation of the assembly process in connection with active and passive alignment methods is indispensable.