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Auswahlschema zur Identifizierung gewässerrelevanter gefährlicher Stoffe

Selection scheme for the identification of water relevant harmful substances
: Herrchen, M.

Heise, G. ; Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie:
Aktuelle Probleme der Meeresumwelt. Vorträge des 6. Wissenschaftlichen Symposiums
Hamburg, 1996 (Deutsche hydrographische Zeitschrift. Supplement 6)
Wissenschaftliches Symposium Aktuelle Probleme der Meeresumwelt <6, 1996, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer IUCT ( IME) ()
aquatic environment; expert evaluation; harmful substance; identification; International North Sea Conference; priority substances list; source identification; systematic selection scheme

International legislation aimed at reducing the contamination of water with harmful substances includes lists of such harmful substances to be used as a basis for adequate measures (e. g. Directive 76/464/EEC, lists I and II), the Ministers' Declaration at the 3rd International North Sea Conference of 8 March, 1990, with Annexes 1 A and 1 D, as well as the special Rhine programme by the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine dated October 1987). The lists differ considerably with respect to compilation dates, areas concerned, and selection systems. Some of the substances listed are now below the detection limit in water after implementation of suitable measures (reduced use of substances or changed procedures), while others regularly identified in monitoring programmes are not listed.