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Austra - An instrument for automated evaluation of stress states using ultrasonic techniques

: Bruche, D.; Frotscher, H.; Herzer, H.-R.; Schneider, E.

Danmarks TH, Afdelingen for Baerende Konstruktioner -ABK-, Lyngby:
9th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics '90. Vol.3. Proceedings
Lyngby, 1990
ISBN: 87-7740-035-6
International Conference on Experimental Mechanics <9, 1990, Copenhagen>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
AUSTRA; ultrasonic

Ultrasonic techniques enable the nondestructive evaluation of surface and bulk stress states by using the influence of strain or stress states on the propagation velocities of ultrasonic waves. By using different wave modes, evaluation equations are obtained in which only the ultrasonic time-of-flight is needed as measured quantity. AUSTRA is developed and optimized for the automated evaluation of stress states in metallic components. All operational functions are completely controlled by the computer. Besides the time-of-flight, the coordinates of the measuring point and the temperature are also taken. The software enables the evaluation of surface and bulk stress states. In order to evaluate the stress state, the particular evaluation equations are taken from the storage; the processor proves whether the appropriate data are measured and performs the evaluations. If necessary, the influence of temperature on the measuring quantities is corrected, using stored temperature coefficients . The measured data, and also the results can be displayed on the graphic-screen and on the printer; they are stored on disks. The system is housed in two dust-proof, portable boxes.