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HTML-Styleguide für die Gestaltung von Dokumenten des elektronischen Katalogsystems

Handbuch für Dokumenten-Autoren
: Elcacho, C.

Darmstadt, 1996
Technischer Bericht
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Bildaufbereitung; Cobra3; electronic publishing; HTML 2.0; HTML 3.0; HTML-Editing; HTML-Einführung; HTML-Manual; HTML-Styleguide; HTML-Tabelle; Online-Kataloge; RSK1; WWW; WWW-Design; WWW-Layout; WWW-Publishing

The HTML-Styleguide has been developed in the context of the WWW/HTML-based Cobra3-telecommunications project, and serves as Introduction to HTML, an HTML-Styleguide and a User Manual to the electronical catalogue system (RSK1). It gives an easily understandable introduction to HTML key-concepts, HTML2.0, and HTML-Tables including many examples, and shows how the layout- and design-elements of HTML can be used to create appealing web pages. The issue of bringing images to the web, including the description of the different appropriate image file formats (GIF/JPEG) is adressed in a separate chapter, as well as a summary of the most crucial web-design rules (does and don'ts). The HTML-Styleguide also provides an overview and introduction to the electronical catalogue system and the design and creation of electronical catalogues.