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GEOPT /Software zum Laserhärten/ - ein effektives Verfahren zur computergestützten Bestimmung der Behandlungsparameter für das Laserstrahlhärten von Eisenwerkstoffen

Vortrag auf der 35. Tagung des FA-9 der AWT.
: Lepski, D.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wärmebehandlung und Werkstofftechnik (Tagung) <35, 1993, Wiesbaden>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
analysing realizability; Anwendungsgrenze; Bauteilgeometrie; beam scanning; database; Datenbank; Ergebnisvorausberechnung; GEOPT; laser transformation hardening; Laser-Umwandlungshärten; limit of application; Machbarkeitsanalyse; optimization of processing; personal computer program; possibility of application; predetermination of result; Prozeßoptimierung; Strahloszillation; temperature field calculation; Temperaturfeldberechnung; workpiece geometry

The industrial application of the laser transformation hardening technology is presently restricted by a common lack of know how. Optimum results can be achieved only if the processing parameters are determined on the basis of temperature field calculations. Using a lot of stored solutions of the heat diffusion equation as well as a simple model of transformation kinetics and enclosed thermophysical data for common iron base materials, the personal computer program GEOPT calculates within about one second the required processing parameter values from a user defined set of conditions for the laser induced temperature field and/or the desired hardening and annealing zone geometries. The physical and mathematical foundations of the program, its possibilities and limits of application, possible sources of errors or inaccuracies, and a series of characteristic examples of application are discussed, concerning especially the hardening of edges and the influence of workpiece geometry, the opt imization of the laser track pattern (track shape and distance), predete on of the expected hardness, and applications to beam shaping and beam scanning. GEOPT is recommended for preestimating the realizability and economical efficiency of laser hardening for a concrete task, for the determination and optimization of the processing parameter values, the predetermination of results to be expected, and for obtaining a graphical overview over functional relations.