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FTCRP: Implementation Manual and Report. Vol.1: Concepts and Syntax; User Options for Interpreters

: Hofmann, G.R.
: Fraunhofer-Arbeitsgruppe für Graphische Datenverarbeitung -AGD-, Darmstadt

Darmstadt, 1989, 16 S. : Abb., Lit.
Fraunhofer IGD ()
computer graphic; Digital Image Exchange Technology; imaging

Research institutes, industrial companies, computer animation studios and printing facilities are often equipped with a lot of different machines for the rendering and display of raster pictures. The output devices (monitors, recording devices, printers) differ in their geometric and color resolution, in the picture format and in the chromaticity of the color primaries. There is a need to transfer pictures via local networks (LAN) from one device to another at studios and laboratories without having to compromise for the quality of the pictures. And there is a need to transfer pictures via tape, floppy or networks (WAN) from one institute to another or from an institute to the publisher, and so forth. For these purposes, a special format for the transfer of raster pictures has been developed which is independent of differences in pixel resolution, color resolution, color primaries, number of color per device and scan direction. For its use in the networks and on tapes, the file format has to initially have a character encoding to prevent any collision of pixel or image data with control sequences of terminal servers, network controllers and other hardware devices. Binary encodings are still to be developed; the format is open for different data compressions and other data encodings according to different application profiles. FTCRP means File for the Transfer of Colored Raster Pictures. FTCRP has been coined by several previous documents, implementation experiences and workshops during the past two years. The file format FTCRP meets the lack of a file concept of very high functionality and integrative power in the computer graphics, especially in the so-called "electronic imaging" community. The authors of FTCRP are concerned about different image storage and interchange formats in both the electronic imaging and the printing industry.