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FTCRP: Implementation Manual and Report. Vol.2: Compressions and Codings (- Version 1.1 -)

: Hofmann, G.R.; Puchtler, W.
: Fraunhofer-Arbeitsgruppe für Graphische Datenverarbeitung -AGD-, Darmstadt

Darmstadt, 1989, 10 S.
Fraunhofer IGD ()
image communication; image interchange format; imaging; standartization

There is a need to transfer pictures via networks from one device to another at laboratories without having to compromise for the quality of the pictures. And there is a need to transfer pictures via tape, floppy or networks (WAN) from one institute to another, and so forth. For these purposes, a special format for the transfer of raster pictures has been developed which is independent of differences in pixel resolution, color resolution, color primaries, number of colors per device and scan direction. FTCRP means file for the transfer of colored raster pictures. The file format FTCRP meets the lack of a file concept of very high functionality in the so-called "electronic imaging" community. Specified herein are the function and a sketchy syntactical description of the file format; the format is open for different encodings and compressions. The Vol.1 of the FTCRP - Implementation Manual and Report. It deals with the concepts and the syntax of FTCRP, further with a primal sketch of FTC RP interpreters and generators. Vol.2 deals with the codings and compressions for FTCRP and specifies the software modularity of FTCRP interpreters and generators. The picture communication due to FTCRP may be an open communication: The raster picture may be completely specified by the sender of the FTCRP file; the receiver of the FTCRP file will "do his very best" to perform a reproduction and display of the transferred raster picture as it is possible for the receiver's hardware and software facilities. FTCRP is supposed to be able to cover each and every parameter which is relevant for a raster picture in each and every application in the computer graphics and imaging community. Of course, there will be a large set of parameters for specifying a raster picture with FTCRP. Finally, the syntax of FTCRP is given and listed.