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Assessment of the environmental impact of explosives and their reaction products

Einfluss der Zersetzungsprodukte von Explosivstoffen auf die Umgebung
: Bohn, M.A.; Volk, F.

International Pyrotechnics Society, Chicago/Ill.:
14th International Pyrotechnics Seminar '89. Proceedings
Chicago/Ill., 1989
International Pyrotechnics Seminar <14, 1989, Jersey>
Fraunhofer ICT ()
buring; environmental impact; explosive; NO; propellant; reaction product

According to the definition of the terms used in assessing environmental relevance in this context, the methods applied in determining reaction products are described and their influences discussed. Ignition and burning conditions influence the composition of reaction products which will be shown by some examples. In the final part of the paper, more detailed information is given on the potential damage to the environment from a series of ingredients and reaction products.