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Assessment of QSARS for predicting fate and effects of chemicals in the environment: an international European project

: Hermens, J.; Balaz, S.; Damborsky, J.; Karcher, W.; Müller, M.; Peijnenburg, W.; Sabljic, A.; Sjöström, M.


SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research 3 (1995), S.223-236
ISSN: 1062-936X
ISSN: 1029-046X
Fraunhofer IUCT ( IME) ()
application of QSAR; European project; international cooperation; risk assessment

In 1993, an international project on QSAR has been started with funding from the Commission of the European Union. The first part of the project is focused on preparing an overview of existing models for the prediction of environmental parameters such as bioconcentration, sorption, degradation, and ecotoxicity. Emphasis will be given to defining the limitations of the models. Since all models, including QSARs, have their limitations, it is important that these limitations are known in case QSARs are actually used and applied within the risk assessment context. The second part of the project is directed towards experimental research on new developments with emphasis on the use of multivariate techniques and quantum chemical properties. In this short paper, a general outline of the project is given, as well as some first results. Results of experimental work within this project will be published in the proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on QSAR in Environmental Sciences and wi ll appear in this same journal.