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European priorities in science and technology with reference to freight logistics. Report. SAST Project No. 9

: Schmidt, R.; Dreher, C.; Brugge, R.; Janssen, B.J.P.
: Boucon, T.; Buller, U.; Fischer, R.; Fuhrmann, R.; Geilleit, R.A.A.M.; Heger, D.; Jünemann, R.; Lay, G.; Lindenau, B.; Steusloff, H.
: European Commission

Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1992
Fraunhofer IML ()
European policy; freight-logistics; Industrial enterprises; ISI92-B63; logistic activities; logistic network; logistics; market; research; strategy; technology; transport policy

This report has been prepared for the Strategic Analysis of Science and Technology Unit (SAST) of the Directorate-General for Science, Research and Development of the Commission of the European Communities. SAST activities are part of the MONITOR Programme which aims to identify new directions and priorities for Community Research and Technological Development (RTD) policy and to help show more clearly the relationship between RTD policy and other Community policies. For questions already identified as of interest for the development of Community policy, SAST projects provide an investigation of the perspectives opened up by science and technology. SAST projects thus serve as an input to the process of policy formulation. In the case of this SAST project report on "European priorities in science and technology with reference to freight logistics", the background of policy questions analyzed encompasses the relevant Community initiatives implemented or in preparation (eg. Trans-European Networks, Industrial Policy, Transport Policy) in the perspective of the Single Market achievement. The project focuses on an exploration of the strategic importance,the potential impact of and need for European Logistic Research. It analyses the most influential actors or factors with respect to logistics activities from three different perspectives: the strategies of enterprise; the logistics systems; and the external influential factors. This report therefore identifies the main RTD priorities to overcome the major problems and bottlenecks as related to logistics activities in the Community. SAST presents this report as a stimulus to reflection and debate within the European Community on the best strategies to adopt for consistency and effectiveness within the varied policy areas affected by logistics activities. It must be stressed, however, that the orientation and content of reports prepared for SAST cannot be taken as indicating the considered opinion of policy advisors within