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Error concealment in the spectral domain

: Herre, J.; Eberlein, E.
: Audio Engineering Society -AES-

New York, NY: AES, 1992, 16 S.
Preprint - Audio Engineering Society, 3364
Audio Engineering Society (Convention) <93, 1992, San Francisco/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
data compression; data reduction; Datenkompression; Datenreduktion; error concealment; Fehlerverschleierung; Layer-3; low bitrate audio coding; MPEG; NMR; noise-to-mask ratio; perceptual audio coding; perceptual measurement; psychoacoustic; Psychoakustik

Today's high quality low bitrate coders work on a spectral representation of the audio signal using perceptual noise shaping strategies. Thus, single channel errors affect a block of data in the reconstructed audio signal. Efficient error concealment techniques working in the spectral domain can be employed to avoid annoying error artifacts. A new approach to this problem is developed and first results are presented.