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Aspects of patterning inorganic-organic copolymers -ORMOCERs-

: Meyer, H.; Popall, M.; Schulz, J.

Reichl, H.:
Micro-System Technologies '90. 1st International Conference on Micro, Electro, Opto, Mechanic Systems and Components
Berlin: Springer, 1990
ISBN: 0-387-53025-8
ISBN: 3-540-53025-8
International Conference on Micro Electro, Opto, Mechanic Systems and Components <1, 1990, Berlin>
Fraunhofer ISC ()
application; layer, patterned; microelectronic; optoelectronics; ORMOCERs; sol-gel

Inorganic-organic copolymers (ORMOCERs = ORganically MOdified CERamics), transparent for optical purposes and synthesized by sol-gel processing have been developed for interconnection technologies in microelectronics. Unsaturated substituents like methacrylates or expoxides and UV-sensitive initiators enable a photopolymerization. Using a frequency doubled Argon-ion laser at 257 nm for direct laser writing, patterned layers with rectangular profile have been realized. The influence of different parameters (age of lacquer, writing velocity, initiator concentration and laser intensity) on the height, width and visual quality of patterns are studied. In combination with high breakthrough voltages, low permittivity constants and high bulk resistivities they open interesting aspects for very large system integration techniques (VSLI). Investigations to establish their potential for optoelectronic applications are in progress.