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Engineering of complex computing systems

: Deiters, W.; Holtkamp, B.

Dortmund: ISST, 1994
ISST-Berichte, 20
ISSN: 0943-1624
Fraunhofer ISST ()
distributed system; Geschäftsprozeß; management; process management; software engineering; system integration; Systemintegration; verteiltes System; Vorgangsbearbeitung; workflow management

This paper gives a brief overview of ISSTs activities regarding the engineering of complex computing systems on the basis of the Eureka Software Factory's Conceptual Reference Model (ESF CoRe). As an applied research institute for software engineering and systems engineering ISST works traditionally on the develpment of concepts and solutions for large distributed systems. Being involved in the Eureka Software Factory project form the very beginning, ISST has significantly contributed to the definition of the CoRe model which provides now the basis for the engineering of complex distributed systems within the institute. A selection of these projects and results is briefly described.