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Eigenschaften und Gefügeuntersuchungen an gradierter Siliziumcarbid-Titancarbid-Keramik

: Teichgräber, M.

Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (Jahrestagung) <1993, Weimar>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
functionally gradient material; gradierte Keramik; Keramikmetallverbund; microstructure; SiC; TiC; transition zone

It is necessary to adapt ceramics to conventional metals, e.g. steel, in order to guarantee an extended application as an engineering material in machines and technical equipment. The different expansion coefficients in connection with the small temperature shock resistence lead to problems in metal-ceramics compounds. These problems can be reduced by Functionally Gradient Materials. Those materials posses one or more gradients of properties. The aim of our investigations was the development of graduated SiC-TiC ceramics where a gradual transition from SiC to TiC is realized. This material shall be used as a metal-ceramics compound. An interesting prospective results from the thermal expansion coefficient of TiC which is more similar to steel than to SiC. Therefore the thermal tension can be almost compensated, and a compound with a unimportent loss of strength not worth mentioning can be produced. It is also expected that a TiC-metal compound is easier to realize. As a result of the i nvestigations the microstructure in the transition zone has been evaluated of a pressureless sintered SiC-TiC ceramics with increasing TiC-content (up to 100 percent).The latent danger of cracking (forming tears, cracks) can be minimized by an appropriate choice of the TiC-concentration steps.