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Document Imaging

Computer meets Press
: Schönhut, J.

Berlin; Heidelberg: Springer, 1997, XI, 190 S. : Ill.
Zugl.: Darmstadt, TU, Habil.-Schrift, 1999
Computer Graphics: Systems and Applications
ISBN: 3-540-62045-1
Fraunhofer IGD ()
electronic publishing; prepress; raster image; image processing

Document imaging is a new discipline in applied computer science. It is building bridges between computer graphics, the world of prepress and press, and the areas of color vision and color reproduction. The focus of this book is of special relevance to people learning how to utilize and integrate such available technology as digital printing or short run color, how to make use of CIM techniques for print products, and how to evaluate related technologies that will become relevant in the next few years. This book is the first to give a comprehensive overview of document imaging, the areas involved, and how they relate. For readers with a background in computer graphics it gives insight into all problems related to putting information in print, a field only very thinly covered in textbooks on computer graphics.