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Bridging the gap. Extending MPEG audio down to 8 kbit/s

: Dietz, M.; Herre, J.; Teichmann, B.; Brandenburg, K.
: Audio Engineering Society -AES-

New York, NY: AES, 1997, 15 S.
Preprint - Audio Engineering Society, 4508
Audio Engineering Society (Convention) <102, 1997, München>
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
AAC; advanced audio coding; data compression; data reduction; Datenkomprimierung; Datenreduktion; low bitrate audio coding; MPEG; MPEG-4; perceptual audio coding; psychoacoustic; Psyhoakustik; Toncodierung

MPEG Audio is more and more becoming the "do-it-all"system for applications in speech and audio coding ranging from a few kbit/s to several hundred kbit/s. Originally devised for transparent coding of high quality audio the market place demands the application of the same ideas to "intermediate quality" audio or even speech coding at bit rates comparable to those of classical speech coding schemes. The paper gives an overview over recent developments regarding audio coding at bit rates below 64 kbit/s/ch. These include the MPEG-2 Low Sampling Frequencies mode, MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding (MPEG-2 AAC) and MPEG-4 audio.