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Application of the ALOK-procedure in ultrasonic inspection of complicated geometries

: Yuan, T.; Höller, P.; Kappes, W.; Stanger, H.-K.

9th Int.Conference on NDE in the Nuclear Industry, ASM International
International Conference on NDE in the Nuclear Industry <9, 1988>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
ALOK; Automatisierung; Geometrie(kompliziert); Prüfung; Ultraschallprüfung

Outer diameter US-inspections of nozzles are not yet satisfactorily realized with automated inspection methodes. Within the ALOK inspection technique it is possible to detect and analyze flaws in the region of the nozzle corner. To realize such an inspection system, the ALOK data evaluation, not the data acquisition and the hardware, is modified. Starting with the description of the manipulation of the probe system, necessary co-ordinate transformations and possible scanning modes are discussed. Evaluation steps for geometric, iterative and pixel-oriented reconstruction are presented with accompanying experiments. (IZFP)