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Arbeitssicherheit an Drehmaschinen

: Lehmann, W.R.

München: Hanser, 1989, 134 S. : Ill.
Zugl.: Berlin, TU, Diss., 1989
Produktionstechnik, Berlin
ISBN: 3-446-15780-8
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Arbeitssicherheit; chuck; damping unit; Drehmaschine; Gefahrenanalyse; jaw; labour safety; machine tools; safety; safety analysis; Sicherheit; Spannbacke; Spannfutter; Spannmittel; turning machine; Werkzeugmaschine

The development of the machine tools is characterized by an increasing degree of automation, capacity and flexibility. With higher speed frequencies and more links particulary in the tool system increase the requirements at the safety. For the workpiece system of a turning machine the determination of hazards and the reasons of them are described exemplary. Algorithm for calculating the energy of releasing elements are given. The use of constructive measures can prevent or reduce possible damage.